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The GrimeReaper

Just imagine what it would be like if 'Death' (The Grim Reaper) was the dirtiest Grime MC to ever live… or not live? Well theres no need to imagine... because this narcissistic, immortal arse hole is on track to be just that! Harry, a successful film producer at LoudHouse Productions, finds Death at rock bottom… and so Harry attempts to convince Death on finding a new purpose in life as ‘reaping’ is controversial. Seeing an opportunity for a documentary on the life of Death, Harry offers him a place to stay along with his resilient patience.
After an exhausting week of activities Harry seems to be at his wits end. A seven day battle between Life and death, right and wrong, good and evil, these two certainly have their moments.  Harry is about to give up when suddenly he hears Death rapping in the shower… The rest is history.